Friday, July 6, 2007

Community Service, Godly Service

On July 6, 2001 Bill had his first wake up call. He was on duty, as a police officer, and was going to be coming home for dinner around 6:00 pm. His Chief Cecil Gurr, was not on duty, but he was going to come over to visit with Bill and I when Bill ate.(we were buying a car from the Chief)

Bill called me and told me he was at the 'y' which was about a mile from my house. He then didn't come home. As a cop's wife, I didn't worry, as he might have a call. Then I received a phone call. I didn't even recognize the voice, it was Bill and he was calling me because he knew we usually left the police radio on, and he didn't want me to worry. All of the radio transmission's were"officer down, officer down" and so Bill called to tell me that the Chief was killed.

You see Bill had a domestic call and headed to that, and his Chief went also to back Bill up. The problem with domestics are that they are very dangerous calls. The suspect had a weapon and pointed and aimed at Bill, and the other three officers on duty. The gun was jammed or something. The Chief was yelling at the suspect waiving and drawing his attention away from Bill and the other three officers. You see they all were fairly young late 20's to early 30's and all had several kids. So Chief Gurr got the suspect attention, and was shot and killed doing what he loved. He drew the suspects attention away from the others and became more than the Chief who loved my husband and all the other officers, he became a Hero in every sense of the word.

So today on July 6, I am thinking of Cecil, drawing the fire away from Bill, Cody, Lance, and Henry, and I found pictures of Bill's second wake up call. I have written about Bill's accident here.

Here are a few photos of the patrol car. As you can see, I am so thankful that God is patient with us.

Click on this photo to see how bad the driver's side impact really was.

Yes, that is Bill's blood on the passenger's headrest. I am so thankful that God has allowed Bill to live and study to be His faithful servant.

I always think of how compassionate Bill was as a police officer and I look back and realize that Bill has always loved serving others, even in there worst moments. What better training ground, as the lost are at their worst, awaiting salvation through the blood of Jesus.

Bill and I both agree that the Lord has wanted Bill to be a servant and Bill kept thinking that after he retired that he would become a pastor. It is not for us to question the Lord. Thank God that we as a family were granted this 2nd chance. For all my readers if today was your very last day on earth, do you know absolutely where you are going? If not please e-mail Bill or I at


Jackie said...

Much to be thankful for, Jennifer.

Beach Girl said...

Praise God for protection.


Penless Thoughts said...

Very moving post and pictures. God has His plans for our lives and knows our beginnings and our ending.


I am glad God saw fit to give Bill that second chance and that he is using it for God's glory. UNfortunatly, I have heard other stories of this kind from my two sons and they break my heart each time. I pray God keeps them safe and every other officer that put their lives on the line each time they step out their front door.connie from Texas

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Anonymous said...

The role of a Police Officer is indeed one in which the dangers are forever evident on a daily basis.

We owe each of them so very much for the protection that we often take for granted.

Thank you for sharing such an important awareness with all here.


Heather K said...

Jennifer - I'm So glad that Bill is okay! thank God for His protection!!
His chief is an amazing and truly great man... I think people sometimes forget true sacrifice like this man showed.. an example of what Jesus did for us.