Monday, March 26, 2007

I Am So Thankful

Two years ago, my family's life took a new turn. My husband describes it best, but I will try and quickly detail the happenings.

My husband was a law enforcement officer for 14 1/2 years. On January 1, 2005 while on duty, wrecked his patrol car and nearly died. His accident scene was nearly 1200 feet long, and one more roll would have been enough. He was wearing his seat belt, but on the first roll the rifle rack that was above his head came undone partially. The rifle rack then became a weapon and was swinging in and out of the car, all the while knocking my husband in his head, jaw, and cheek.

It was late on New Years Day, and I was in my pajamas, unwinding, waiting for him to come home. Then a woman who I knew as an acquaintance came to my door. I probably spoke to her several times, but never enough to have her come over at nearly 10:00p.m. She just came in and sat down on my couch. She really wouldn't talk to me except to give one word responses, so although I thought this was strange, I felt maybe she had had an argument with her husband.(I had never seen the couple fight, but I didn't know what else to think).

All the while I was hearing all sorts of sirens. We lived in a very small community, so I was concerned. Then I heard commotion outside my front door. I opened the door and there stood another Deputy. This Deputy's expression explained everything I had feared most. From his expression, I knew my husband was dead. He believed that Bill was dead and his expression was pained. The woman had had a police scanner, and heard of Bill's accident, and came over to be with the kids(wasn't she a blessing).

I gulped, it was a small town and so many had scanners, my front yard became filled with concerned citizens. When I looked outside I was holding back my emotions. I asked the Deputy if he would take me to Bill, and he said yes. I then said that I was going to wake the kids, and no one should tell them anything except to affirm what I told them. Kathy, the lady on my couch asked if she should step outside, because I had brought the kids out to the family room and told them that dad had had an accident and that I was going to be with him. But first we needed to say a prayer. She was a little nervous, but I asked her to pray with us and she did. She then stayed with the kids. I really believed that Bill was dead, but decided to go to the accident. The next thing I know Bill was being transported to the High School to be life-flighted to Las Vegas.

My emotions were all over, but I then knew he was alive. Again because it was so small, the EMT's allowed me to get into the ambulance with Bill. He was incoherent but alive! The Deputy squeezed Bill's foot to see if he felt the touch and Bill did.

One of the EMT's who lived behind me let me use his cell phone to call the kids, because Bill wanted to talk to them. And he did, clearly, then could not even remember the year. Due to poor weather flight for life never could pick Bill up, so Bill was transported 100 miles to the hospital. I was permitted to stay in the ambulance with him.

Jump forward a few months, Bill has been in physical therapy and although alive has permanently injured his neck. Because the department was so small, he was not able to stay on, they needed a road officer.

Jump forward to today, thank goodness he is alive, Bill often thanks God for giving him another chance. Bill has totally devoted his life to the Lord, and is going to school to further his knowledge to become a pastor, or missionary. Whatever God calls Bill.

Our family moved from a small town to a large community and are adapting to city life. My husband who always will be a cop in mind, has settled in to his body that is not the same anymore, yet plenty good to share God's word.

I am so thankful that my husband is on fire for the Lord! I am so grateful that my children still have a father, as I know what it is like to not have a dad alive .I am so thankful that I had the faith to pray even though I believed that my husband was dead. I am thankful that I could set that example to the children. I am so thankful to the Lord that He has opened so many doors to keep us on track, and I am so thankful for my salvation.

To read Bill's version check here.


Just Theresa said...

Crying, yep I'm crying. What a blessing, What GRACE from God. I'm very thankful you shared this. Thank you.

Harry said...

I'm glad your husband survived. My brother almost died in a car wreck in S. Africa a few years ago. He too has permanent injuries, but he's back working and living his life like your husband. It was very scary for a while until my parents were able to go and bring him home. In the immidiate aftermath though, our rabbi was able to contact a good friend of his who was working as a Christian missionary in S. Africa . He made sure my brother was moved from a government run hospital to a private hospital. That move may have saved his life.

Just Theresa said...

This is the Blog of my nice, Olivia. She just posted something I thought you might enjoy :)

jennifer said...

Thanks Harry for your comments. Its amazing how many of us have a similar story that altered our lives. I agree that it is all in the care( and prayer) that makes all the difference. Thank goodness your brother is alive:)

Theresa, I am so glad you told me of your nieces' blog. I enjoyed what I read so far.