Wednesday, June 6, 2007

First's Birthday Photos

We took the family out to Chili's for dinner in honor of First's birthday. The waitress loved him and brought First a chocolate shake! How's that for a birthday?

The family party always consists of giving homemade presents or cards. Fourth made First a beautiful card, and these great glasses. First acted like Harry Potter, and we all cracked up!

First wanted a blender for his birthday. He loves salsa, but not chunky, and has wore out every blender we have owned. So he wanted his very own! First is a closet chef, and always is cooking amazing things! So here he is holding his brand new blender!


PortraitofPeter said...

A wonderful Honour to 1st on such an important Birthday.

All the more appealing is the homemade presents and cards - for they come from the 'Heart' and therefore retain such a special importance.

Luv his 'Harry Potter' stance - great glasses!! Well done 'Fourth'.

So pleased your 1st had such a wonderful Birthday and may he aspire in his 'cooking' with the new blender.

Penless Thoughts said...

Love the pictures and the information. So cool he wanted a blender. Love the home made cards and the glasses. I can just feel the love that ooozes in your family!!!!

Our Peculiar Life said...

congratulations on the blender. I love homemade salsa too!

Mrs.B. said...


I wanted to pop over and say thank you for the sweet and lovely comment you left on my blog today!--It blessed my heart. (o:


jennifer said...

Peter thank you for the kind words, the home made gifts I credit to my mother. I grew up always plotting and planning the creation of gifts for my brothers and sisters!

Harry Potter was too easy of a play, after putting on the glasses! Fourth loved that he put them on!

I can already profess that the blender was broke in and he made a delightful salsa. Yummy for ME:)
Susan Thanks for the comment, like I told Peter, my mom deserves the credit. Home made gifts are the absolute best, in fact I save the gifts to decorate the Christmas tree! But you are correct we sure do love eachother:o)!!
Kahri we are a salsa family. First just loves the blended salsa the best! He has already broke the blender in!
Mrs. B
I must say that you are the blessing to me! Thank you for stopping by

Pam said...

What fun! I love the confetti M&M cake! A blender for college I presume? So he can make his own salsa? What a neat kid.

Pam said...

I just enlarged the first photo of him here and realized how dreamy his eyes are! Warning to all girls in college: Watch Out!