Monday, June 4, 2007

100th Post

One Hundred. That is what this post is, my 100th post. 100 is a magical number, we all loved to see it on a test, but not on a road sign as to how far you have to go! Many would love to go 100mph, especially the cops, because they love to share that they pulled over someone going 100! 100 would be a neat age to live to, as long as I had my faculties, if not then no. So I will share with you 100 things about me and who I am.

My Faith
1. I am a Christian
2. I am married to a Christian man
3. I am so thankful to have the Word of God
4. I am reading each book of the Bible straight through 20 times. I am on Malachi.
5. I love Ruth of the Bible. She went alone with people who were different and was a strong honorable woman. Ruth is a wonderful example of how life isn't easy, we may not be near family and friends, but oh it is so worth it!
6. I love the book of Jonah, because it is so reflective of who we all are, Why should I warn the people, when you are going to save them anyhow? Who hasn't had a moment where they thought, why am I doing this, it won't matter anyhow? I've read bloggers ready to quit because they aren't getting the big readership. It is not always about our petty wants and needs but it is about the Lord's.
7. My children amaze me with their desire to study the word of God. In fact in family sword drills, it is an all out speed contest, because we all know exactly where everything is.
8. I believe the Bible from cover to cover, and have been watching prophecy unfold in my life time. The resettling of Israel set much of what is happening(before my time but very exciting)
9. I would absolutely love to go to Israel. I know that it would be incredible to read the Bible in the places that they took place.
10. I know that I am going to spend eternity in heaven, are you sure where you are going if you died today? If not email me at and I will help you to know for sure where you will go. It is very important to be sure.

My Marriage
11. My husband is 6 months younger than me...and boy does he let me know that I am 'old'! I should respond older is wiser, but I forget to say that, because he flusters me:)
12. My husband I were pulled over on the way to honeymoon(in gown and tux, with vehicle covered in shaving cream) and given a speeding ticket. Wonder what the rush was!(BTW the speed limit was 55 and Bill was driving 63, now that same road is 70!)
13. Bill proposed 2 days after we met, What took you so long, Bill?
14. We told everyone that we were going to wait five years before we would have a baby, by the fifth year I had the boys and a few months later I was pregnant with Fourth.(If we had waited we would not have had any, God sure knows what He is doing doesn't He?)
15. My husband is my very best friend, I have read all kind of self-help books, that say a person should make a best friend some one besides a spouse. Are they kidding? I do have other friends, but whenever anything happens I can't wait to share it with my Bill!
16. Bill was with me for 3 of the 4 c-sections that I had. He was the first to hold each baby!
17. We have celebrated anniversaries all over the world, and each one gets better.
18. One of my favorite things is when I am laying in bed and Bill reads to me the Bible. It is so special to hear him read God's word.
19. Neither of us wear a wedding band. When I was pregnant with Third, I retained a lot of water, so I wore my rings on a necklace. Bill let me wear his because he went to training, when he returned from training, I went into early labor, so I left the necklace on my head post of my bed. We had a staff sergeant's teen age daughters babysit First and Second. When I returned home the rings were gone. Although I believe that the girls took the rings, I was not absolutely certain, so we said nothing. When we moved the rings never turned up. Rings are very expensive and wearing one does not keep one faithful. It was the commitment that we made before the Lord that has made us married. A few times since Third I have thought about getting rings, it just always seems to expensive.
20. Marriage is not easy, but I can say that I love my Bill more today than I did when we married. I admire him, I appreciate him, and I love that he is so much a willing servant of the Lord.

My Children
21. I have 4 wonderful children. Three boys and 1 girl.
22. First will turn 18 on June 6! 18! He is named after his dad!
23. Second will turn 15 on June 18. He was born on a cousin's birthday, at the exact same time 5 years later! He is named after my father in law.
24.Third just turned 14 in April. He is nine months 10 days younger than Second. Yes he is that close.But he was early. Second and Third are very close. Third's name is in Spanish, it translates to Third Blessing!(really:)
25. Fourth was born on my brother UJ's birthday. Her name is made up and is a combination of all my sisters names, my mothers, and mine! She was born ten weeks early.She is our miracle baby!
26. We were hoping for at least six children maybe 8, but God has other plans for us. Fourth was our last.
27. Every day I am delighted at how much I love each one of the kids. Each one makes me smile, and really is special. I feel I am a better person because each one of them is in my life.
28. I love that each one of the kids has become so talented and creative in their own way. They each have a special gift and it is wonderful to see.
29. I love that my children have received Jesus as their Savior.
30. As much as I may be sad to see my babies move out, I look forward to them stepping out into this great world God designed for us.

All Jen
31. I love to read, and paint the characters of the story my way, so I never watch a movie that was a book. The director most definitely would not create it the way I see it.
32. I do not like having my picture taken. I have for the children, but the photos never seem to match what I see of myself in my mind. Remember I am 5'0". I see myself as someone who can live through anything, survive any situation, and the mirror shows...well who knows?
33. I cry whenever I see/ or read of a child who has lost a parent, it is too close to my heart.
34. I struggle to hear another complain. Why must negative be the first answer. Discuss the problem, plan the solution and go forth. No matter what we can not undo things, nor go back in time, nor prevent tomorrow. So the question is am I going to face tomorrow bitterly or ready for anything?
35.I realize that I am opinionated(#34) But I call myself a Life Coach. I have this amazing ability to see another's potential. I am so grateful to God to be able to do this. And I try very hard to help whenever I am asked.
36. I love history. I love American pioneers, and I love the strength of the country we live in. Our country is made up of the worlds adventurers, those who traveled and gave up everything they had for a dream. How cool is that?
37. I love the Australian, Irish accent. Every time I hear the accent I think we need to move!.
38. I am a baseball fan! I love the Philadelphia Phillies. In fact I was a huge Mike Schmidt, Tug McGraw Fan. Oh and living in Ohio, I also loved the Cincinnati Reds, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose, and Ken Griffey( notjr.) I used to collect the cards and I would play games using the cards.
39. I also loved to play baseball. There wasn't a girls softball team the first year I played, so I joined the boys team(I know) and played shortstop. Our Team went to the playoffs in Kentucky!
40. I see myself as a wife, mother, friend, and child of God. No huge ambition, except to be the best I can be in God's eyes.

My Favorite Books
41. the Bible
42. the Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain
43. the Dictionary( I know but it is a great book)
44. The Children who Stayed Alone Bonnie Bess Taylor
45. The Little House on the Prairie Series Laura Ingalls Wilder
46. The Great Brain Series John D. Fitzgerald
47. the School of Biblical Evangelism. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron
48. All poems of Robert Frost
49. Any book by Hal Lindsey
50. all the textbooks of the kids. I love to read them over and plan out lessons.

My Favorite Foods
51. salsa
52. my very own bean soup
53. refried beans
54. enchiladas
55. onions
56. rice and beans
57. tacos
58. raisin bread
59. celery and ranch dip
60. Cheerios

My Favorite Presidents

61. Ronald Reagan.
62. George Bush
63. Theodore Roosevelt
64. Thomas Jefferson
65. Abraham Lincoln
66. Harry S. Truman
67. Dwight D. Eisenhower
68. George Washington
69. Grover Cleveland
70. Bill Clinton ...just kidding, just testing you all to see if you are reading!!!

71. I love giraffes
72. I love green grass, but have almost no yard.
73. I love children
74. I had a cocker spaniel named Pepper
75. I Survived the Blizzard of 78. Did anyone else? We had school all through the summer in a church to make up the missed days.
76. I used to run cross country and track and actually was very good!
77. I also was a wrestlerette (cheerleader for the wrestling team)
78. I loved to hit the tennis ball against our barn wall.
79. I have read all of Louis Lamour's books!
80. I have read all of John Grisham's books

81. I have swam in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and the Gulf of Mexico
82. I can pick up anything with my toes(I know gross)
83. I love my husband dearly!
84. I am currently reading J.Vernon McGee's Proverb Bible Study, Manners and Customs in the Bible, By Victor H. Matthews, The Gospel of John, Elmer Towns, and Is America in Bible Prophecy by Mark Hitchcock
85. I have swam in Lake Erie to Canada( check the map) It is just a simple swim!
86.I used to go to Cedar Point, this is before it has become a big amusement park. I remember going and leaving a cooler on a picnic table just inside the gate. Can you imagine doing that now?
87. I have been to most of the United States, yet would love to go to Alaska.
88. I love to sew, crochet, and paint, yet am not great at any. I just love to create.
89. I know how to drywall, to refinish windows, and many little house skills do to well living in older homes. I also have painted the interiors of at least 10 different homes.
90. I am huge fan of blogging, not the big bloggers, but the everyday journal thought writing folk of the world.

91. I love flowers in the wild, not in a jar.
92. I love poetry.
93. I love my family
94. I love my husband
95. I love that there are only 5 to go
96. I love to write and even had my own column in a newspaper in the 90's.
97. I am proud to be an American
98. I am an avid supporter of our troops. IT IS TRULY THERE OR HERE. We must decide.
99. I have one to go
100. I love my blog friends and I am so glad that I forgot to do this on Pen of Jen(when I hit 100:). I really am so fortunate to live in this country and have the freedoms that I have. I pray that we continue to protect them.


Pam said...

#70 scared me at first! Bill Clinton??? Shame on you Jen for giving me a small heart attack! Loved getting to know you better -- much better--a hundred times better!

PortraitofPeter said...

Congratulations on your "100th Post".

And what a post it is!! A wonderfully emotive post through the years with a sharing of love - in which each of your family members are included most notably 'Fourth' who is a miracle 'with a beautiful talent'.

Bill your husband has also a tremendous gift as indeed you - Jennifer - for your 'thought-provoking' writings!!

May you all continue to share with us such talents and awakening our knowledge and awareness.

Blessings to you all.

CaraqueƱa said...

Good to know ya, Jen! I wrote 100 things about myself just a couple days ago too. Sounds like you're my kind of gal!

Beach Girl said...

#70 made me laugh.....yes, I was reading. :-)

It's great to get to know you better. You are so blessed to have a wonderful husband. I think that about Tracy's husband too. My situation didn't have a "snowball's chance..." Many times I wonder if God has someone out there for me, but right now He says to let Him be husband and father and that's is what I am willingly doing.


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh I loved this Jen!! #70!! You almost made me faint.

Your love for Bill shines through so much.

I admire the way you did it in groups of 10's and so concise (like mine he he!!!)

Learned quite a bit more about you and confirmed a lot I'd already learned and why I love you.
((hugs)) dear and blessed friend,

Jungle Mom said...

lol 70 scared me too!!! Good info here, thanks, now if we can just get a picture...

Just Theresa said...

lol Jen, that was fun to read :)


Well, that was just great Jenn. I like you very much. We are really very much alike and I got the fact that you love your husband.GOOD FOR YOU. Bill Clinton, I didn't believe it for a Your love For the Lord comes through loud and clear. I am happy to know you, Jennifer. connie from Texas

Heather said...

Okay you got ME on number 70! I almost choked when I read BILL CLINTON... somehow he doesn't fit with all the others listed or with anything else that I've read on your blog! A great post though... You did some real searching it looks like...

jennifer said...

To all my readers...I am sorry about # 70...

I guess I forgot to mention that I have a sense of humor that often screams to get out!

jennifer said...

Pam I am glad to share, although this was hard to compile.
Peter I am only am who I am because of my family. So they are part of me:)

Thanks for being such a wonderful person! Your comments are so kind, and I appreciate them so much!
Caraquena Right back at you!
Vanessa again I must say I do not understand why some faithful servants have a companion and others don't. I guess I think of Paul saying that it is fine to be married or not(jen..summary)I sure like you and feel the spirit in all you do, so place this in God's hands.
Susan ((hugs))back at you!Tens was easy, sorry aboUT bILL CLINTON,,,too easy to be silly. I love to find out we have lots in common! And I am so thankful for Bill, I am glad that others see my love for him.
Rita maybe later on the Photo!!! 70 was fun!
Theresa thanks for reading! I am glad to make you lol!!!
Connie I am happy that one understands that I love the Lord, love my husband and am conservative(even though humorful)I am so glad to find out that we have alot in common!
Heather yes this took some time! 70 was a joke, of course I had been trying to compile a list and after 20 or so minutes I got goofy!

PortraitofPeter said...

Jennifer - please don't scream too loudly - you may awaken 'Fourths' cat!!

Jackie said...

Congratulations, Jen! Loved this post!

Our Peculiar Life said...

loved reading this! #70 was funny. :-)

Momma Roar said...

I've been saving this on my bloglines so that I could come back and read it - that was fun!! I had to laugh about #70 too, but I went into this with your April 1st post in the back of my head (maybe that was on the other blog). Anyway, it was fun learning more about you - I really appreciate you, penosuess, and that you are a great blogging buddy!!
Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...

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