Sunday, April 29, 2007


It began to rain today! I can't remember when I last smelled rain. So in light of the strict water restrictions that we have in town, I salvage every drop of water. So here are my humble water catchers. I dump the water in a large plastic trash bin. For the water that I rinse the dishes, I do the same.

In a few months the restrictions will become even more extreme. The consequences of using too much water are fines or raising of the usage flat fee on my water bill. Now I am creative and know that the worst situation is better by spirit first. So welcome to me seeing an Oasis in the desert!

The fuller bucket is from water from rinsing the dishes too, and the cooler had left over water from Field Day!

Every single container I had I put under the eves of the house!


PortraitofPeter said...

That is so amazing, I did not realise you had such strict water restrictions. I take it where you live you do not have much rainfall in that region?

As you may know here in Scotland, we have no restrictions and above average rainfall. Whilst we often grumble at the amount of rain, I think in future I will be more appreciative.

Thank you for your informative posting.



jennifer said...

No, we don't have much rainfall. I love the desert, but I miss green grass. I miss walking barefoot in grass, my kids are comfy walking barefoot even in the hot soil, rocks, stickers, etc.

I am from originally from Northwest Ohio, so I do remember rain. My husband has always lived in the west(minus 3 years in Germany)so the desert is his forte also.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the desert and all that lives here. It is a reflection of the fact that life will survive.

I don't know if you saw how kids sled in the southwest, but if you get a chance scroll down to sledding in the southwest on both blogs,(March) and you will see that desert kids sled...just not in snow!

Jen in MS said...

No water restrictions here either. I admire your resourcefulness! Do you water your grass with the reserved water or what? Just curious.

Have a blessed day!

jennifer said...

Jen in MS we water with the buckets in reserve and we can water on Tuesday. But we are limited as to the usage, and living on one income we cannot risk an increase in water bill. I have become very creative on water salvaging!

jennifer said...

Oh One more thought. Did you notice how very sad my lawn looks? Most are weeds as the weeds are so much more durable than grass.
Also if you look in the Field day slides you will notice that the lawn is sparse, because it is. But the parks do have grass, much more than at home.