Saturday, April 28, 2007

Local Paper Spotlights Field Day

The newspaper sent a reporter to write about our Home School Field Day. After my interview with the reporter I was inspired to write my post on my other blog. I titled it Field Day, but it was more about the negativity I have received over the years.

The reporter, a woman in her mid to late 60's was so antagonistic towards me. She actually told me that she thought home schooling was sexist, because it kept women at home.

She was on a tirade about the socialization aspect, and felt that most boys needed public schools. I left the park feeling as thought the wonderful day was going to be burst by this reporter. I asked many of the moms to pray for a good story or no story.
Praise God, she actually, for her negative questioning methods, wrote a wonderful piece.

Here's the link.


PortraitofPeter said...

Really impressive write up and deservedly so too!!

Congratulations to you -

jennifer said...

I appreciate you following my Field Day fervor.It is nice to share a bit of my life. I am grateful for you and your blog friendship!

I am waiting to download the photos, so soon will be the pictures.

No Apology said...

Congratulation, Jen - Sounds like everyone had fun. And who knows, maybe the reporter took something positive away with her. Sure sounds like it.

Pam said...

Hey KUDOS on the successful day and the article! You all worked hard and had a vision to see this happen. I read the article and then straight away wrote an e-mail to the journalist. When I sent it, a message came back saying "unknown member". I tried twice. I really wanted her to know I appreciated the positive light she shed on homeschooling and I bragged about you in it too!

jennifer said...

David everyone did have fun, and I was thrilled at the turn out! I pray that you are right about the journalist...
Pam thank you for writing about our field day, Makes me feel glad that I have support networks all over:)