Sunday, April 1, 2007

Character Building

Second and Third are now in the world of employment. It's really wonderful for them to be doing yard work. They are working for an older lady who lives about 5 minutes away from us. They have been weeding, raking, leveling ground, and mowing.

As the mom of these two young goofballs, I must say that I am pleased for them. They are always full of laughter and life and I sometimes sit back and watch them ham it up.

They also are very hard workers and thankfully my husband and I have taught them the value of hard work.

The woman that they work for has already told her friends about these young entrepreneurs and I am sure that they will be busy all summer long.

I asked them to be serious, so that I could take a picture for this blog. Now you understand why I enjoy my life so much:)!

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