Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Public School and Beer Nuts

Now I have made it fairly clear on how I stand on the public school/home school debate. I see the benefits of home schooling, due to teaching my children for the past 13 years. In the early years I struggled with the aspect of what the children may be missing out on, but those days are long gone.

I am amazed at how much garbage has polluted our public schools. I am also amazed at how little parents of public school children seem to be fazed. Now I am not trying to offend parents, but the agenda of the public schools are much different than the agenda of a family. The family unit has been broken down, belittled, and bargained off to the highest bidder(lobbyist).

The schools have become Big Brother, and as an institution knowing what is best for our children by modeling Hollywood in the classrooms. When did teaching any sexual lifestyle choice become something we teach elementary children? The Homosexual Movement has equated themselves to a suppressed minority, and they are demanding rights as such. Well what a load of nonsense. Young children are needing of a strong solid foundation. Exploring one's sexual identity, and choosing a sexual lifestyle, are decisions to be made by an adult, not by children in elementary. Yet schools all over the nation are promoting the homosexual lifestyle when children don't even understand what their bodies can do. This is absolutely wrong. It would be like giving a 2 year old a sharp knife to play with. The child should be taught age appropriate materials, not impressed with options that a large majority of people never consider, nor act upon.

Schools do not have the authority to teach morals and values, remember they are the ones who removed Christianity from the classroom. And by doing so, created a gray area of rules. None that are absolutes. All have exemptions, such as she has RLS(restless leg syndrome)or CPH(Christian Parents at Home), which grant immunity in any and all situations. So in teaching sexual preferences and behavior the school has fulfilled the role of a parent, and has begun to determine what is the standard for morality. I promise you that if dealing with the majority, parents would choose no to any sexual awareness classes, stories, and or guest speakers. Society allows a parent(the mother) to kill her unborn baby, so I wonder how they then can change the rules.You are in control of your body to kill the child, but we are in control beyond that. I guess by saying if your mother did not abort you we are going to distort you and all your thoughts.

Pretty strong accusations, yet absolutely true. I wonder if the teacher was giddy with excitement teaching the children about two men living happily ever after? Explain how reproduction works with the king and the king. Right, there is no reproduction, and without adoption, no more students for the teacher to corrupt. Growing up in a very rural community in northwest Ohio, I can tell you that I was very naive. In fact it was my freshman year at college when I learned how very different people could be in their recognizing of their sexuality. In elementary, I wanted to become a medical examiner, like Quincy. Even desiring this occupation, I never knew that Quincy cut up dead people. You see my innocent child like mind was still intact, and my mom knew it was information far ahead of my comprehension.

What is so hard about recognizing that children need to mature before they are indoctrinated, especially when it comes to things that are above their level? We aren't serving beer nuts and a kegger with this information. I don't understand why not, because if we want the child to be informed, and able to make lifelong decisions, I think alcohol should be introduced early. Think about this logically, sex is for those whose bodies are physically mature yet we are introducing it to children, so why not alcohol. This way when a loved one causes a D.W.I(driving while intoxicated) accident the child will understand what happened.Not!

Links to public schools and the Homosexual Agenda-here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here,here (I could add a ton more links, please forgive the quantity I listed. I wanted to make it clear that this is not an isolated event in some big city school district. The homosexual indoctrination is occurring nationally.

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PortraitofPeter said...

Jennifer, I so agree with your accurate portrayal of the school system.

I have become increasingly disturbed upon reading and listening to various aspects of the school cirriculum here in Scotland.

Teachers too, I find lacking in judgement, respect, and a failure on teachings of the Christian faith.

I fully support Homeschooling and through your wonderful blog - I am learning so much.