Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fun Things Said In The McBenning School

1) The second bathroom, the one the kids use, is very small. Because of this we installed a coat hook style rack outside the bathroom. Each kid has a color and that is the color that their towel is and it hangs in age order. Inside the bath is a small hand towel rack.

At least twice a week one of the middle two boys hollers from inside the bathroom " I need a towel". It cracks me up because drying off is very important after showering! I know, I know, at least they shower!

2) Another bathroom story...Every day the kids have house chores( a room in the house that is their responsibility to maintain) and a kitchen chore( rotating list that changes every day) Then I check the job when they are finished.

I was checking the kids bath and saw an umbrella open in the shower and I asked "what is the umbrella doing in the shower"? Silly question, yet the boys had a funny answer. In southern New Mexico we rarely see rain, so the boys were testing the umbrella the only way they could!


jennifer said...

I am so glad you finally figured how to get comments up and running. Your husband is awesome and I love him!Or should I say you as me love him!

momteacherfriend said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I like your kids rationale, no rain take a shower.