Sunday, November 25, 2007


Update: First is doing fine. He is more uncomfortable with the contraption he has to wear than the break. The doctors want to have a consultation on Monday. I am sure that they will think that he needs surgery and extensive treatment.(At least until we establish that we do not have insurance) then I am guessing that he will be advised to wait 5-6 weeks, and monitor his hand.

I am a little skeptical of the medical profession today, as when Bill took him to the ER and filled out the medical bills that the person taking the information asked if First was a US citizen. Bill joked and said "does it matter?" and the man said it might be much more beneficial if he was not.

I am sickened by this. For most of our married lives we have had medical insurance and we don't. So far we have just made 2- 3 payments. But what the heck is the matter with our country, when we set the bar so low?

Where is the honor? I am really beyond speech at this point.


diana said...

how sad (the whole insurance/hospital thing). hope his hand heals quickly.

MightyMom said...

ok now dear, that's the administration you're upset with, not the medical profession...right?? :-)

don't borrow trouble, but if surgery is suggested then I would not skip it on a hand. many things are negotiable but broken hands can have lasting effects.

praying all goes well, make sure first stays in his splint/cast or whatever they put him in....Subvet needed surgery primarily because he didn't follow instructions regarding the splint or the light duty he was suppossed to be on..."but it feels fine..."