Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Times

Tuesday's seem to get busy in the Pen of Jen house. So after all our running around, we came home and completed school after 4:30! I really liked how the kids did and have decided to maybe have night school on Tuesday's!!

The kids had their home school park day today, and I went to the grocery and found a great deal on meat. So I am cooking ground beef tonight. This is usually what I do...buy the meat and brown it then freeze it. It saves on planning a meal in a pinch. Ground beef can go in anything.

I am also working on a Christmas tree for First's apartment. I will post it on Lots for Less and so far it is looking very amazing.

I must say that the temperature's have really dropped. I love my sweet charming house, but it keeps the cold in. Funny how that is, cold in-in the winter and hot in-in the summer. But I love that we have wonderful homemade blankets to snuggle under. Oh and more tea and hot chocolate in times like these. All that this weather needs is around 4 inches of snow!

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A Note From Theresa said...

I never thought of that. Fridays are always very busy and most time my children miss school. But having school at night sounds good!