Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Total Eclipse of the Heart

This morning around 3:30 am the Pen of Jen family all rose and checked out the lunar eclipse. Although it was not a total eclipse, I cannot get the song out of my mind. Who sang Total Eclipse? It sure was a neat song to hum on the heels of my anniversary!

*enlarge the photo, it is very cool, I ended up taking 4 photos*
Remember education and learning do not always take place in traditional settings, or traditional places. Bill and I laughed though, because everyone wanted to be awakened, but as soon as the eclipse was seen *poof* they all went back to bed. So we know currently that astronomer is not an occupation that any wish to become!!


Jackie said...


Penless Thoughts said...

Great shot!

jennifer said...

Jackie and Susan we did enjoy it now that everyone is awake and not so groggy!!

MightyMom said...

It was remade recently and I still hear it on the radio often

Kitty said...

Wasn't it Bonnie Tyler? I love that song!! =)

Neat picture, and you are so right, education can happen anywhere at anytime. We saw a neat telescope at Sams for $198 and since we don't have enough space for anymore toys or junk this Christmas, and we DO have an amazing view of the mountains and sky from our balcony, that is going to be the main gift this year. This picture just made me think of how excited I am about that =)

jennifer said...

Kitty I am excited for you guys too! I cannot wait to hear of the things that you guys view! It would be a cool project to have the kids come up with paragraphs... each one based on what they see.

FIRST a mystery
Second- a nature tale
third God is visible
fourth a comedy
Ok now you see how my mind is...24-7 constantly thinking :)