Friday, August 3, 2007

Lemon Herb Chicken

Here is the prep for Friday night's dinner. We had lemon herb chicken, country potatoes, fresh green beans, fresh cherry tomatoes, and buttered zucchini, fresh plums, and a peach.(in the photo I have corn bread mix, but I forgot to start the bread in time)[the green beans, cherry tomatoes,and zucchini were from my garden, the plums were a gift from a friend.]

Cost for all this is $9.07. The reason I tabulated the total was to give a window to how we budget. This is rather high for a meal, but Fridays are "fun day's"! If every dinner cost this much we would spend $281.17 for a family of six!(lunches and breakfast not included.) Our average for a meal is less and soon I will give a complete total.

The completed dinner! Yummy
We love to eat green beans raw like carrots, so if you haven't tried this do so!!

Here is the prep for the desert. We had brownies. I have all of this on hand so no expense.

Yummy brownies!



Well, it looks great and I wish I was the one coming to dinner. I have never eat the beans raw. I don't know if I would like them or not but I would sure give them a try. Everything looks so beautiful. Have a great weekend. connie from Texas

Penless Thoughts said...

Looks yummy and so great that 3 of the items were home grown and then the plums from a friend!

jennifer said...

Connie I must write a post as to why I love green beans raw. It really is delightful! Fourth loves to peel the green beans and eat the beans then the shell. She loves it this way. We had no peas make it to the pot as all but my oldest loves to eat the peas raw off the vine. So while the peas were ripening every morn, someone would stroll out to the peas! Now it is the green beans. I will watch the boys haul garbage to the bin, then swing by and grab a bean! are correct that it was great that so much was provided. God is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so yummy!! We have a lot in common in our kitchens, I think!! I know I already complimented you on your green Pyrex. I use the same chicken from WalMart!! And a $10 dinner is a big deal for us, too!! I would love to hear about your "regualar day" meals, too. I also love green beans raw, although I haven't sold the family on them, yet. We always had a huge garden in the backyard growing up, and when I was outside playing I would eat raw green beans off the poles all day long!!! =)

jennifer said...

Kitty I am so pleased to have so much in common! I am a walmart fan due to the incredible deals that I find there!

Oh I am happy to have a blog*sister* in New Mexico!!!

Pam said...

I'll be over for next FUN FRIDAY!! Please make plenty extra!! LOL

It all looked and sounded good. I would love to hear more about how you budget for your large family. I have only the 3 of us at home right now, but am determined to lower our grocery bill. I would love any help and input you can give!