Tuesday, August 7, 2007

First ...First Car

After working for five years and First having to save 80% of his check(10% church, 10% spending)he has bought his first car!

No he did not deplete his savings, but he was able to buy this Pontiac Sunfire outright! I think that it is a very nice car, and he matches!!

If you look over First shoulder, you can see the lady in the mountain!! Pretty neat!!


Jackie said...

How old is he? I want to tell my first all about it! She's DYING to have her own car, but we've always said that we want the kids to buy their own car, pay for their own insurance.

jennifer said...

Jackie, He turned 18 in June. He has been working since he was 13, and while he drove my cars, he paid his insurance, the oil changes and Any needed repairs on the vehicle.

A hubcap fell off and we required him to replace it. While parked the windshield was broken(at his work place) and we required him to fix it. These are so important of lessons that I wanted all my children to learn.

Kelli said...

What a great car! And how wonderful that he diligently saved up for it!

MightyMom said...

nice car, and congrats!

what's this lady in the mountain thing? are you delusional or am I??

nice lawn!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah- if you click on the photo and look over to the right...you will see a lady in the mountain..she is lying down, her hair is cascading behind her, and her front well you can see her chest.

It is a landmark here.

BTW it is so hard to mow
my lawn!!!!!(back is dust and garden)
Jennifer on the kids computer

Pam said...

Oh I love it! But I thought it was my Josh standing there by the car at first! He has a reddish orange Hurley shirt and wears shorts and tennis shoes alot!!

I am so proud of first! We used to have a little white Sunfire, but it wasn't all *souped* up like that one! And of course , RED is the color for teens I think!

Anonymous said...

I saw her, that was neat!!

And that is a pretty nice ride, I am impressed, esp. that he was able to save up for it on his own!!

I forgot to come back and do first and worst, but I'll do it real quick now. First was a 1965 Plymouth Valiant, which was actually a cute little blue car that I loved!! Worst was the 1984 Oldsmobile "luxury" sedan I got stuck with when my brother convinced my parents that he should get the Valiant. In every sense of the word, that car was the worst. I couldn't see over the steering wheel, and it died in the middle of more intersections than I care to remember. BUT I shouldn't complain, since I didn't earn a cent toward it like your son earned his!!! =)

Penless Thoughts said...

Good for him. What a great accomplishment for a young man. Tell him congratulations from this former New Mexican. You guys are such good parents!!!


Well, I can see FIRST did it right. He gave God His part and then saved the majority of his earning. So now he has reaped the rewards of his labors. I hope the car will do a good job for him and he enjoys it as long as it is his. Congra. FIRST, connie from Texas