Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rockin' Girl Award

Susan of Penless Writer nominated me for this Rockin' Girl Blogger Award on June 28, 2007.

I am honored to be considered for this award, and accept it ever so gracefully(loud applause rumbles in the audience!!)

Like Susan, I find it quite humorous to be awarded this because I am anything but...
Well here it was Susan said about me:

Jennifer of Pen-of-Jen - The Pen of Jen is a powerful pen. Jennifer falls into a Rockin' category all her own. She writes with such conviction and amazes me with how well informed she is on social issues. She is a happily married Home School mom of 4 children and so on fire for the Lord. You can tell from her writings what a close knit family they are. She has truly become a wonderful and close friend. Jennifer , and leaving wonderful comments that encourage me.And then the privilege of reading all the wonderful blogs and what you post.You make me laugh, cry and THINK!!! Most of all you make me realize how there should be a special ROCKIN' GIRL CATEGORY just for you.

So before I pick five women to nominate for this award, I must say thank you so much Susan. I really am so pleased that others can see my love for the Lord, and my love for my family. I am so pleased to have found so many blog friends and so if I leave any out please forgive me.

So now, I am supposed to pick five women to nominate.

Theresa... A Note from Theresa She is so amazing, so sweet, and so much onfire for the Lord. She too is a Rockin' Girl. She has four beautiful children, and home schools them! She often writes a few scriptures and leads the reader gently how to apply this in their daily lives. I find this incredible. Theresa, thank you so much for Rockin' the blog world!

Pam...Midnight Musings. I almost want to say that Pam created this award herself. She is a Rockin' Girl of the highest caliber! Pam also loves the Lord. She is very bubbly and loves her family ever so much! I enjoy going over to Pam's to visit because I leave feeling refreshed, and renewed. I also love the funny e-mails that Pam sends me! I often find myself thinking of the joke or photos as I am driving. Thank so so much Pam for being such a Rockin' Girl!

Jackie...Jackie-Happywife. Jackie is the relative of many bloggers in my reading circle. Jackie is the wife of Brian and they are serving a mission in Paraguay. Jackie is way above being a Rockin' Girl blogger. She loves the Lord and had the utmost faith that He will see things through. She is on the last leg of her pregnancy and going to have the baby at home! I am so in awe of this sweet young woman who is so strong. Jackie, thank you for being such a Rockin Girl!

Jackie...Family Daze. This Jackie is the mother of seven beautiful(yes boys, you too) children! Jackie also loves the Lord. I found Jackie one day and I have been forever grateful, as she and her family lift me up every day! Sometimes I have to wait for a new post, but boy is it ever worth it. Thank you Jackie for being such a Rockin' Blogger!

Sarah...My Wonderful Life. Sarah is a funny, Rockin' Girl and I have rolled laughing so much! She is the mom of 3 little ones and is constantly busy! She lives in Texas like Theresa and is a pediatric nurse staying home to raise these little ones(ages 31/2, 2, and 4 months). She is married to a retired submarine sailor and the life they live is a delight to read about. Hats of to Sarah a true Rockin' Girl!

So to all my readers thank you for stopping by, thank you for returning, and making my blogging well worth the time!

Please stop in and visit all these Rockin' Girls, and I know that you all will enjoy their blogs as much as I do!


Pam said...

Congrats here too! I am pleased as punch that you would think of me as "Rockin'"!! It makes me giggle!

jennifer said...

Giggle away as a Rockin' Girl!!:)


You have made some great picks. Congrats to you all. connie from Texas

Jackie said...

Sharing the love! Thanks, Jennifer! I've never gotten a blog award before! Whooo-hooo! (Crowd goes wild!)