Saturday, July 21, 2007

Little Red Jen

(I know, the title is hmm, unusual, but read on and I think you'll understand:-)

Well today I spent the day making pumpkin puree(to prepare for pies, muffins, and cookies).

The pumpkins that we grew in the garden have a funny story behind them. I love to decorate the front porch in the fall. The harvest colors are beautiful and I just love pumpkins, gourds, and the like atmosphere that they create.

Being a mom, I always buy 4 pumpkins(one for each kid). Keeps the peace, because even if the kids get older they love the traditions, and they love cutting the top off to get the seeds. Then they carve a shape in the front to allow windows for a candle to glow through. They love it.

Last year one of the boys did not want to cut the was too nice. So along comes December, and I wanted to decorate the porch for Christmas, so I move the pumpkin to the back by the grill(designated area for the boys to grab stuff and haul to the garbage.)This pumpkin stayed out there until February, when I needed to move it to plan for the garden. I thought...I wonder if the seeds are still good? So I cut it open and the seeds were growing!!!! I planted 10 of the seeds, and 6 grew!!!

Because it was still cold at night, I made mini green houses for the plants using milk gallons cut in half. During the day the top was off and at night I put it back on.

Here is the 'pumpkin patch' in March.

Here is the 'pumpkin patch' in May.

Here is last weekend's harvest!

Cutting and seeding the pumpkins.

Cooking the pumpkins to peel the skin off.

And here is the end result. Pumpkin seeds...tasty! 8 cups of pumpkin puree...ready and waiting for the time cookies or pie is needed!



Lisa said...

That's quite a pumpkin story!!

A Note From Theresa said...

pumpkin puree???? I have no idea how to do that. I'm impressed.

When you eat any pumpkin stuff remember me, not only is it my favorite word,,, but I like everything made with it ;-)


Good job. What a good harvest. I will be looking forward to seeing what you make from the Puree. I know it will be good. connie from Texas

Penless Thoughts said...

You are so clever. I never thought of making pumpkin puree. Good job I'd say.

Momma Roar said...

I think this should be made into a storybook!! Cute!

Jackie said...

I'm afraid that my pumpkin foods come from frozen containers, cans and restaurants! I'm so impressed with your gardening and puree! Wow!

Pam said...

LOL I loved hearing how the pumpkin never quite made it to the trash! Talk about recylcing!

Be sure to post photos of what you make with your puree!