Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pen of Jen

Susan reminded me that I have not posted a picture of me, and she was right. I am an avid avoider, if that is proper, of photos. As you can see I am a real living, breathing person, and the smirk in my eyes is because of my Bill. He always makes me smile and laugh, even in protest!

I removed all things in the background that may make you believe that I am vertically challenged, which is my 'current' medical illness. I am on a prescription that has many side effects, such as not being able to to reach things, especially in the grocery store, but also to include death. For any thinking I am being morbid...I am mocking the current ads on TV that have a medication thats side effects are far worse than the illness. Oh, and short or tall, I will die( unless the Lord comes before!)

Your blog friend in Christ,


PortraitofPeter said...

One can see the warmth of a sincere and caring wife and mother - within your eyes.

Even though it is also evident from your beautiful postings, which have become a daily (must have) read.

Blessings to you and the family.

jennifer said...

Peter you are too kind! I appreciate that others see me as a sincere and caring wife and mother. That is one of the most wonderful complements that I could ever hear.

BTW I am off to your blog as yours is a daily read of mine:)

Momma Roar said...

You are beautiful! Without sounding like a copycat, I also noticed the warmth and love in your eyes.

Now I know that I am conversing with a living breathing human and not an ape named Hiasl!! ;-) wink wink

Quill of Bill said...

I am truly amazed at how beautiful you are. I am certainly the luckiest man on earth to have a wife as beautiful, loving and smart as you.

I truly enjoy every moment I spend with you. You are my best friend and the love of my life.

I also love your zest and love for Christ our Savior.

Love you always,

Quill of Bill (RT)

Quill of Bill said...

Your beauty grows every time I see you, as my love for you does.

jennifer said...

Quill *bLuSh*
I am constantly surprised at how much every day that my love grows for you. You treat me so well, and often I am not as deserving. I do love that you spoil me!

Now as to the important matters...I too love that you have an incredible zeal towards our Savior. That is truly the most honorable characteristic that any woman should look for in a mate.

Love you always and some more,

jennifer said...

qUILl O'Billy Joe jiM bOb,

I am from the midwest, I can make anything grow! So thanks for continuing to love me and I too love you ever so much.

BTW I said that I would love you always when I was 5 and only had you in my dreams! Thank you for being my Knight In Shining Armor!

Loving you,
Jen 0' Ben

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks so much Jen. I love the sparkle in your eyes :o)

jennifer said...

Leigh Ann, maybe Hiasl and I are related, ask any Scientist at any local University!!! Wink wink.

No of course I should not mislead. I know without a doubt that evolution is false, but I was in humor with you! :o)
Susan The sparkle I have in my eyes is from knowing My Savior Jesus Christ. I also have such comfort in my eternal home that life is wonderful, regardless of what the world has cast towards me.

You are a delight and I love knowing you and having you as a friend!
:o) Jen.


You are so cute and I am so happy to meet you for real. May God bless the work you do as you do it for Him. You have been a blessing in my life. connie from Texas

Ps.I really thank you for your seeming real interest in me and my blog. It means a great deal to me.

jennifer said...

Oh Connie, I love you! You and your family are so wonderful serving the Lord! I feel as though I know so much about you.

Even though the one of the things you revealed you said was not true, your strength and character made all seem possible.I love visiting you and your uplifting blog each and every day!

Pam said...

What a joy! I am on cloud nine! Oh to finally see the beautiful face of my blog friend! Thank you thank you thank you! You are a living doll. I enlarged the photo and was taken in by your gorgeous blue eyes! (I hope that didn't sound gay!) LOL But you do have such pretty eyes. It's no wonder Bill asked you to marry him within two days! Now I can envision where all this fiesty writing comes from!

jennifer said...

Pam thank you for being so sweet. The truth was at the end of your comment, and I know Bill will agree...feisty is a very accurate adjective of me!!!!
I DREAD the fact that you enlarged the you can see I need to stay smaller and thanks to the little photo I momentarily had my glory!

Ah well with friends all is well!!!
I pray that you are doing well.
Feisty, forgetful, and full of it friend...Jennifer:o)

Dina said...

So nice to meet you Jennifer.

Anonymous said...

Now that is a cute picture!! :-)

I always thought the kids looked familiar, now I know you guys do. Did you ever shop at one of the Home Depots around here? I was a cashier there for a couple of years, so I am always seeing people I "think" I recognize :-)

Our Peculiar Life said...

yeah, a picture of you! Now I know what to "picture" when we are writing!!

jennifer said...

Dina thank you! Nice to have you visit!
Kitty we have not shopped up North, but you are right on I try very hard to be friendly and leave an impression on the clerks as I know they are just like me...a mom.
I think other kids look familiar now that we live in NM now that I see so many couples are like Bill and I(a culturally diverse...pc term couple!!!)
Kahri I am glad to give you an image to think of while writing! I am so glad to continue reading and sharing with my dear blog friends!

Momma Roar said...

You know me - I have to make people smile! :)

I had to go back through your blog to find that name again!

Jungle Mom said...

YEAH!! Finally! Thanks for posting this! I just put up a recent family foto.

Jungle Mom said...

I just read Quill of Bill's comments is so sweet! I love to see couples still in love!!

jennifer said...

Leigh Ann ~giggle~ thanks for being so fun:o)

jennifer said...

Rita You are correct we are still in love! I am beyond fortunate to have such an honorable Christ loving man.

And it doesn't hurt that he is fun, sweet, cute, Ruggedly handsome, smart, silly, energetic, ..., and he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet:o)

I am going to jump over and see the family photos!