Saturday, May 12, 2007

Second and the Rattlesnake

Second was feeling rather poorly after spending time in court and as we were driving yesterday he said "pull over". As parents we all know what that means...throw up time. So Bill parked very quickly and helped hold Seconds head when he did his business.

Second felt much better and points to the right and says "Dad see the rattlesnake?"
A rattlesnake was about 2 1/2 feet from where they first were. It then moved away to a shrub and shook the tail. It was huge(about 4 feet long). I forgot that snakes ar everywhere here. God took care of us all, and we actually all piled out of the truck to observe the rattler!

So thanks to Second having to ~barf~, we all had a neat opportunity to see nature up close!


Pam said...

Nice, wonderful, positive perspective on the barfing! Thanks for sharing! LOL

PortraitofPeter said...

Hope 2nd is okay now!!

Did you get any photo's of the rattlesnake? Poorly 2nd's urgent need - was your splendid view!!

Hope you are all enjoy the trip and also that the Court case has proved to be rewarding for all the children too.

jennifer said...

Peter I wanted to see the snake and left the camera on the seat! Makes me wonder about all the UFO sightings, maybe...

Pam I hate to say it, but I really would rather be upbeat than down, honestly barfing makes me queezy, but hey now we all have a cool addition to our vacation all because Second got sick!!