Monday, May 28, 2007


I made a mistake posting a comment on Susan's blog. When I tried to fix the mistake I compounded it. So I did the only thing I should do, I looked her up and called her to apologize.

It wasn't easy because I would much rather the first time I visit with a friend that I met on line, it would be plain old chatting!

Let me just say wow! My dad's family was from Okemah OK. so hearing the Oklahoma accent was music to my ears. Susan sounds as wonderful as she is on line.

She also was very conscientious about the long distance. How sweet. But coming from large extended families, cell phones offer much better deals for us. I am able to talk to anyone with the same company free, anytime, anyplace, cell phone to cell phone. As a younger sibling this makes connecting with everyone without any added expense. So in addition to talking to my network for free, I have 700 minutes of call time. How neat is that?

So again, Susan I am so very sorry for the mistake, and if you personally can fix it or remove me, I will understand. I also will work more diligently on my typing/spelling skills, as I owe this to my dear friends.


Penless Thoughts said...

YOU are too sweet and wonderful!!!! I was going to ask if it was alright for me to mention your call on my but didn't want to without your permission. I'm still floating about 3 feet off the floor. Talk about making someones day!!!!

By the way, I got it fixed where you are in NM. Connie from Texas was showing up in San Francisco too. Are you all having a private party there and we haven't been invited! :o) tee he

Penless Thoughts said...

P.S. Well you can't spell and I can't put in all the wonder we've become good friends!! That should read "if it was alright for me to mention your call on my BLOG but didn't want to....." Will you let me know?

Someone else in SD just ended up in Sudan!!!! Seems it's not very "user friendly" but I love seeing everyone and you coming out of the map locations.

jennifer said...

Ooh too funny! I love having such wonderful friends!

After reading some of the comments on, it appears that it is somewhat of a medium technical skill to use.

It should have come with warning, as I am a slow learner in the techie department!

Guess what? I hadn't noticed the missed word, ah my list of failures continues to GROW!!!:)

Momma Roar said...

How sweet to call her - I have to head over there and add my picture and link, I haven't had the chance yet.
Feel free to make a mistake on my blog anytime! ;-)