Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nevada and it's Opportunities

I have taken a day to recover from the travels over the last week. Now I am ready to write about some of the happenings.

We began the trip with a prayer, I know that the Lord truly works on us to think of Him and place Him first. Our first day was exciting, just be traveling again. We seem to be a family that loves to be on the move!

The reason for the trip was so that Bill could testify in one of his prior cases, that had been appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court. The court bumped it back to the District Court, so that's where we headed. Lincoln county Nevada is 11,000 square miles. Huge! It is equal to the size of seven different Eastern States(separately). The county also only has a population of about 4500 people. There is not one stoplight, bowling alley, or movie theater, and for any of those one must drive at least 100 miles!

The case was interesting, and we had the opportunity to sit through several other cases. This is why I love to home school. Hands on learning, requiring no heavy plans to make it happen. I am having the kids write about these court experiences for school. We had lots of our own opinions and then discussed what the court could consider, opinions and personal feelings aside, the court had to use the facts presented in the preliminary trial.

Then after the court case we traveled 80 miles south(still in same county) to the town we married in. We had a wonderful time visiting our dear friends and spending time in fellowship with them. The most thrilling part of the trip was that Bill was asked to give the Sermon on Sunday at our former church.

He left Nevada as a Deputy who had been injured and physically could not do law enforcement work, and returned in a body that God decided was perfect to be a vessel as a messenger of His word! I have seen first hand my husband up at all hours, unable to sleep due to the pain, studying God's word. I have witnessed first hand the passion in his life for the Lord. I have seen a rough and tough, man's man fall in love with his Savior. And I saw on Sunday that the Lord is pleased. Bill truly allowed the Lord to use him. I am so happy that Bill is a willing servant. A friend and former Highway Patrolman told Bill something so special, he told Bill "You are Called". I know that Bill has felt it but it was really great to be told by a former colleague, that the place you are now is the right one!

I felt the Spirit on Sunday, and praise God when one does His work!

I will write more again. I just wanted to give some spotlights. Take Care!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I love seeing new blogs :o)

Our Peculiar Life said...

I just love seeing your posts. Your writing is so full of God and his work in your life.

PortraitofPeter said...

I think it was a wonderful observation comment of a fellow Highway Patrol Officer of your husband Bill, to make such a glowing statement.

Your Pride is to be commended too not just for your husband but also for your Homeschooling achievements clearly displayed in your children.

Every good wishes and Thank You again for your prayers and thoughts of little Madeleine.

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Pam said...

Oh Jen! I've got goose-bump!! What a sweet testimony of how the Lord took something that could have been meant for *bad* and turned it into *good*! (i.e. Bill's accident and wakeful nights turned into study time!)What an example he is for me to follow!