Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lava Beds

On our drive home from our vacation we stopped along side the road to check out the Lava beds. They were so amazing!

Second and Third walking on the hardened lava! They thought it was awesome!

I loved all the cactus in all the lava!


PortraitofPeter said...

Did you bring any of the lava back for analysis as a school project.

A fascinating site for your children and glad they enjoyed it - great photos.

jennifer said...

Because the lava beds are on state land we didn't bring any back. Although I desperately wanted to, we did not!

Just Theresa said...

That would be a very nice thing to see. I would have wanted to bring a peace of it home also. My sister in-law would love getting it for her garden.

jennifer said...

Theresa I really struggled because I did want a piece. I am never going to forget how neat it was, and how very amazing how country is!