Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Interviewed by Midnight Musings

Interview Questions and my Answers

1. If you could spend the day with a famous person, who is still alive today, who would it be and why?
I would spend the day with John O' Neill(who helped shine the truth on John Kerry). Why? Because he spoke for my Dad, and all the others who were killed in Vietnam. It was so very important that the truth was put out in the open air, and then the Americans made a decision based on all the information.

2. How would you define the following phrase: "DYING TO SELF"?
Taking the gift of salvation that Christ freely gave to me, and stop being Jennifer, and start being the Christian that Christ knows that I can be. The world is for witnessing, preaching, and being a light to the Lord, not to me.

3. Do you have a hobby or a favorite way to unwind? If so, tell us how you got started in it.
I am the hobby lobby. I love crafting, writing, reading, etc., but my favorite way to unwind is to be with the family, and play a game or go for a walk.

4. Name an adventure you would love to do or go on.
I would love to go to Israel, and the middle east(I know the war, the anti-Christian sentiment, the suppression of women) and see the Bible unfold first hand. I am content now for the internet, giving information, but someday???

5. Name three things you do to encourage others.
I believe that this is one of my gifts. I can not believe that people can not see all their amazing abilities that they have. I love to be an encourager, because I love being around people. We all have so many wonderful, unique skills, and I love to watch another utilize the skill. I also go past the external. If the world was all wealthy we would destroy the unique person that we are and would all rush to the gym, and plastic surgeons for all the age defying nonsense. Thank God, most of us can't change, because we would if we could. I love to see those who stay home and honor their roles, and feel that most times they need the most encouragement. So to all you stay home moms, you are fulfilling your God given role of bearing the young and raising them, and I personally thank you!

6. Describe your church building, your pastor, and your pastor's wife.
Humble building, humble man, loving loving woman, who loves her husband. The pastor so loves her also. The church is poor in America's mega church mentality, but wealthy in the Word.

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I am not going to have one wait for the questions, if someone would like to participate in this game on their website, go into the comments, and I will leave the questions in there. Then leave me a comment and I will visit next week and see your answers!


jennifer said...

1) Aside from Jesus, who is your favorite in the Bible?
2) Why do you love your husband today. Not why you fell in love with him.
3) Are you content?
4)If you had to eat the same meal(every day) what would that meal be?
5) What do you consider the most important thing for you to do in your life?
6) If Jesus Christ came to your house would you need to put some things away, or would you change your speech or regular clothes?

Pick 5 and let me know if you are participating!

CaraqueƱa said...

Good answers, Jennifer! I'll do yours too!

Pam said...

Your answer to #2 made chills run down my spine! But I KNOW you are a great encourager! It is very evident that encouraging others is your spiritual gift! You always lift my spirits with each and every comment you leave. I lood so forward to seeing your name pop up in my comment section! Great answers all!

Your church sounds alot like mine! I'm not a great lover of the MEGA church mentality!

I think I will answer yours too!
Have a great vacations!

Our Peculiar Life said...

I loved reading your answers. I feel like I know you a little better, and like you even more!! Have a wonderful trip!

Waynel Walker said...

How sweet to know there are other believers out there, ones that love the Lord with all their hearts, their families, and their church, and love being LIGHTS in this world. I saw your comment on Jackie's blog, so I decided to peruse yours, too, and am thrilled to know your thoughts. Have a wonderful vacation - from Jackie's mom, Waynel