Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Lauren
Friends of ours delighted the Pen of Jen family and came over to our house to visit, while Lauren and her mom went to have Lauren's hair styled. Lauren is turning 18 tomorrow so we all decided to make her a blog surprise birthday from her younger brothers and sisters.

In the photo wishing Lauren a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from left to right are Alyssa, Kristin, Brandon, Sarah, Chase, and in front Hannah.(there are also 2 older brothers Brad and Brian,and baby Megan not pictured)

So in today's age where small families are all the rage...I salute this fine family. Often we see an only child spoiled and unbearable, I have found this large family wonderful. The children are well behaved, and watch out for all the younger ones.

Lauren, who is turning 18 was a volunteer for our home school field day. A volunteer! Please wish Lauren a Happy Birthday and hats off for Wayne and Kristi proud parents of this delightful bunch!

It is so refreshing to see a family that appreciates the very meaning of the word: Family!

Updated Photo...Here is Lauren and baby Megan to make the younger kids of the family complete.


Just Theresa said...

How cute, I hope her birthday was a good one :)

PortraitofPeter said...


An example to all - and a proud moment for her parents too for raising such a wonderful family.

Pam said...

AAWW what a sweet idea! Happy Birthday Lauren. I LOVE your name!


Happy Birtday, Lauren.Eighteen is a wonderful time in your life. May you have a wonderful day, one full of memories.

I am sure your family is very proud of their daughter. I came from a very large family and they get sweeter as the years go by. You are a very blessed young lady. connie from Texas

jennifer said...

Theresa, I so enjoyed this visit with them, How could her birthday be anything but good with such a built in party!
Peter thank you for this kind comment for Lauren. I agree with you the parents did a great job and have a wonderful family.
Pam I just love this family so much that the idea just popped in my head:)
Connie such a great way to close, she is very blessed.Amen!