Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Because You Asked!

Susan asked for some photos of the garden we are growing. When you look at the pictures remember we rarely get rain, and I save all water from inside and ration water outside. The weeds are nearly gone but you will notice that they are green and lovely on the edge of the rock beds!

When we moved in the back yard was in shambles, as the previous renters had a large dog and it dug many many holes, and left the yard a barren wasteland. The shed was turned into a dog house(what inspires people to disrespect another's property so, what makes one have zero stewardship?). Anyhow we have worked quite hard, as I am so thankful to have shelter and so glad to make a home out of anything thrown my way. I promise all that we have lived in places that when we first moved in, weren't the brightest of surroundings, but I always make the best out of the least.

I can only see the best in everything, God does not want us to cry and bemoan, he wants us to be a light. Now how can I be a light if I am working so hard to achieve something on earth that is temporary, when I am assured of a mansion in heaven? John 14:2

BTW I love that God has given me many thumb, love, compassion, exhortation, and teaching. (probably more, I just get too busy to reflect)

So here are the garden photos!!!

pumpkins, in the rocked in area, sunflowers in the back along the wall(before)

pumpkins (today:)

Peas, green beans, broccoli, watermelon(before)

Peas, green beans, broccoli, watermelon(today)

Tomatoes, chili peppers, and zucchini(today)


the humble strawberry patch

Looking towards the back wall, sunflowers on the right, large raised flower/herb box that the boys built, and the largest rocked in garden.

cucumbers, I have four buckets of cucumbers(and plan to add four more)

Lemon basil(many of my herbs are in buckets)

As I am sure you noticed, I used quite a bit of buckets in use as garden spots. I sent my oldest to Burger King over and over to get the pickle buckets(they throw the buckets away). To me I saw a gold mine, because I can move the buckets out of the sun etc, whenever I need to. It is my mobile garden!

I am planning to make a variety of sunflower seeds to sell,and also sell the seeds for organic gardeners. All of my garden growth cost Bill and I about $45.00, and will by far, provide us with so much. I plan on drying alot, canning others, and freezing the rest, Oh wait we will eat much fresh also:)

As you can see I have been busy. The gardening has been a challenge in this climate, but ever so rewarding, because I spend time with the Lord and pray and ponder the greatness of Him! I love to be outdoors and I always think of the Creator whenever I am out!


Penless Thoughts said...

Oh my Jen. You are doing a wonderful job. You are so resourceful. That is a trait I admire greatly. My husband, who is the gardner around here, was looking at the pictures also and is very impressed. The idea of the buckets is great. We KNOW how hot and arid that part of NM is :o) but God is able and is going to bless you abundantly :O)
You are one special gal!

Our Peculiar Life said...

beautiful garden!! I couldn't grow hardly anything in NM! :-)

Jungle Mom said...

I am amzaed! To me this is like looking at a miracle!

PortraitofPeter said...

Jen, I know who to turn too for advice.

Creative ideas and so luv the presentation of your garden and the need to conserve water.

Well done.

jennifer said...

Susan, thank you for the compliment, but it is God who has given us these skills. The buckets have been wonderful! ((HUGS))) right back at you!
Kahri It is not easy, but well worth it. Yummy!
Rita that is how I feel everytime I go out the back door.Praise God!
Peter Thank you, I live by necessity is the mother of sure has paid off.