Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Update on Home School Field Day

I have been fairly busy with our Field Day. My husband and I completed our psa(public service announcement) with the local Christian TV channel. It only took 3 takes!!

We also have had 2 local radio stations run the announcement, and one more will be adding it tomorrow.

I am anticipating minimum of 60 children and a maximum of 120 kids. Anyone who home schools understands why I can't lock in exact numbers. But we are prepared for any amount.

I have volunteers from the Sheriff's department, a bank, the newspaper, a restaurant manager, a recruiter from the Air Force and Army, a judge and his wife and 14 parents from our home school group.

So my list is dwindling. I still need to design the map that will show where each event is, get the registration paperwork in order-for kids to fill out, contact our city council people to get at least one volunteer from them, confirm that EMS will have an ambulance there, confirm the news station from Albuquerque, build the foot ball toss board, and a few other things.

All is well, again it is not until the 27th:)


Just Theresa said...

lol your busier than I am. I really hope all goes well.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like so much fun!! Is your psa running on Family Life Radio? I will be listening to see if I can hear it!! Also which news station will be covering the event, so I can watch that too? I think what you are doing is SO neat!! I wish we were homeschoolers and closer to Alamagordo, so my kids could participate, too.