Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fun Day Friday

Yesterday was Fun Day Friday! It was a wonderful gym day, we had three new families. One family had six kids:) The other two families had 2 boys each. It is always exciting to have new home school families.

It was a big day for our youngest 2 members of the group. We begin and end our gym day with a prayer, and for both prayers one of youngest volunteered to say the prayer. I was so pleased, because it is so very important to pray, and to be comfortable praying in every setting.

We began gym day with crab ball, and this is a fun game to watch. We use 2 of the large balls that are used for exercising, and the kids then crawl like crabs(on their backs. The rules are like soccer, with two teams and trying to score a goal. Because this activity is very taxing to the wrists we only play until one goal is scored. They like the game and we play it probably 2 times a month.

Then of course we played the standard, DODGEBALL. This game is such a big hit(literally).We play that you can't throw it at heads, and if someone catches a ball, everyone on that team that was out is now in. We change up the rules and create a variety of versions to shake things up.

Finally we played relay races. The kids divided into 2 teams, and each team split, half on one side of the gym and half on the other. Then they had 4 things they had to do, first bounce a ping-pong ball to the next player,then carry a small ball on a lid, bounce a basketball, then twirl a hula-hoop on their arms. The kids really got into this. The teams were fairly evenly divided, with the 5 year olds up to the oldest, and it sure was cute watching the kids rush to bounce a ping-pong ball. It is not as easy at it sounds. The teams were cheering like they were a major league sports team!

The gym day was as usual a hit! I also had the kids sign up for their choices of Field day events. Each kid is permitted to choose 5 events. The choices of events are: 50 m. dash, 100 m. dash, base race, pillow case race, sit-ups, push-ups, javelin throw(using pull noodles), pull -ups, football throw, free throw with basketballs, obstacle course, standing long jump, and the crab crawl. There are also 2 events that all the kids can participate in , the three legged race, and sponge head relays. Sponge head relays is a relay to cool the kids off, using a sponge that they have to dip in water put on their heads and race to the other side.

New Mexico is hot and we always watch to keep the kids hydrated. On Field day there will be 6 hydration stations. I also have 18 volunteers. I need 22 more. The list of things to do before Field Day are getting smaller, and I am confident I will complete everything on time:)

Back to yesterday, the girls had Keepers at Home. Fourth learned how to make some very beautiful barrettes. The group of girls that showed up were about 15. The Keepers group continues to grow. We canceled Contenders of the Faith because believe it or not we actually had rain!!!! We hold Contenders at our house in the back. With the rain there would be no chance to have the 15 boys that come with their dads.

Thats the scoop for our home school group.


Jungle Mom said...

It sounds fun! I came over to check and see if your gardening tips were up yet. You were right! I need all the help I can get with gardening!

Jennifer said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for the link to this blog!
I look forward to reading through it!
I love your "stats" on your school! LOL

jennifer said...

Rita, I love home schooling, so I love having an opportunity every week to meet with so many children and share my love of the Saviour and my love of home schooling:) I am going to write my gardening info as soon as I finish responding to my comments!
Jennifer, Thank you for stopping by, and I love that we have such rewarding stats:) We actually will have 100% grads! The stats will speak for themselves! I will be back to visit your blog daily! And I will be adding you to my blogrolls!