Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fourth's Poem

Today Fourth wrote a poem about Sunday's. Here it is:

Sunday's are good

Sunday's are great

The reason I love Sunday's is...

We praise God all day and night

We praise God with all our might!


Just Theresa said...

What a beautiful daughter you have. I liked the poem. Good job number 4 :)

PortraitofPeter said...

Thank you so very much for a wonderful "praise of God" poem.

I do hope you will share many more poems with us, as you have a natural talent for poetic words.

Blessings to you and a delightful photo too.

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute!! You are very talented!! :-)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter and her lovely poem with us!!

Have a great day!

jennifer said...

Theresa, Thank you for the kind comments. She certainly is my miracle cutie pie!
Peter, I believe that Fourth has found a new forum to share her work. Had I not enjoyed your poems on your blog I would not have thought to put her 'works' on line.
Kitty, I think she is too. Theresa had a great quote on my quote query from last time which I am going to borrow,
There is only ONE beautiful baby in the world, and every MOTHER has him/her.
I think that sums up my feelings:)
As all moms, I love my sweet children, thank you for reading. You too, have a wonderful week!

Pam said...

Now that's a poem I can relate to! My style! She is a cutie!