Monday, April 30, 2007

Book Reports, Sunday, and Bears

The students have been working, revising and rewriting their book reports on George Washington Carver.

I read the book first and really loved the book.This time we are focusing on more than the biography, but the writing process. It is so very important to be able to write well.

I am dragging after last week, in fact after church I took a 2 hour nap(something I haven't done in a long time). Our usual Sunday consists of church,then we have a family version of Sword Drills.This is where one of us is in charge of finding 10 scriptures with a theme, and then they call the scripture and the rest of us scramble to locate it, whoever finds the scripture stands up and begins to read the verse. It is very fun and competitive.)

Then we prepare a Sunday dinner with my brother UJ and the kids. UJ and Bill work weekly for a new recipe for the grill and then we all get to taste their creations! How yummy for us. This Sunday, my brother also was sick so Bill made hamburgers, hotdogs, and potatoes with the assistance of Fourth.

After we eat we have a Sunday game day and the kids and Bill and I play a family game. First was in charge of sword drills and we all did well. Then we played Monopoly. All Sunday games have 1.5 hour limit. So play the best you can plan a strategy and go forth. We also play no alliances. Sunday games we play are Risk, 99, Spoons, Life, and Monopoly. Doing this every Sunday has set a tradition for the kids that I know that they will continue on in their lives.

Saturday was Earth Day. Now I am no fan of love the earth abort humans, but with Bill's job he has to take part in the community events. It was kind of nice because he set up the DWI simulator at the zoo(with his co-workers). So while Second and Third helped Bill, Fourth and I walked around the zoo. And we saw bears! I haven't even come to the zoo since we have been here, because I love animals out and about, not in small cages. But it was very nice for Fourth and I to spend this time together.

I am still waiting for friends to bring their cameras for me to download Field Day. Both Bill and I were too busy running Field Day. So I must be patient. I tried another slide show and when I get the photos I will do a slide show for Field Day.


Pam said...

I love your Sunday routine! I am one for traditions.

PortraitofPeter said...

How I miss the family unity of a Sunday and a day which was always so special to me.

Reading your wonderful post brought back many a happy memory for me.

Thank you so much.

jennifer said...

Pam I too love traditions:)
Peter many people miss the family should invite friends over on Sundays(work permitting) and start a friend Sunday tradition.It makes all the difference to look forward, while embracing the past and utilizing the very resources that are present today. Start it as a menu creative day, with a different person bringing the main course each week.
You are so upbeat and fun on your blog, that I know that this is possible!!!