Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Almost Friday

Well it is almost Friday and the kids can't wait!

Second signed up for: Football Free Throw, Push-Ups, 50m. dash, 100m. dash, and Obstacle Race.

Third signed up for: Standing Long Jump, Sit-ups, Pillow case race, 50m dash, and Obstacle Race.

Third signed up for: Standing Long Jump, Football Free Throw, Pillow Case Race, Obstacle Race, and the Base Race.

First has been graciously volunteered by his sweet charming Mom. He always helps out in any family activity, so I may have been kidding!

My husband is going to help me oversee all the events and direct the award ceremony. I am very happy at the amount of help the other home school families have offered. Aside from the ribbons, I have spent very little to arrange the Day. My wonderful landlord built the podium, and my boys built the football free throw stand.

One business in town stepped up and offered to reimburse us for the ribbons. (I paid 250.00 for them) My husband and I were very happy because spending that much was hard. But we are doing this event to be a light in the community. To show that home schoolers are here and we are a enjoyable group. And my children along with all the others will have a wonderful memory!

From now until next Monday school is slow, only doing Bible readings, journal, and biography book readings. I am going to wrap up all the small details.


PortraitofPeter said...

I think I can feel the atmosphere of excitement building up too!!

So good to see everyone volunteering (including First!!). And for all the homeschooling community to participate in the Field Day events.

Will you have a Refreshment & Food Tent?
I am pleased a local business will reimburse you for the cost of the ribbon.

I cannot wait to find out the outcome of the day and hopefully photo's along the way.

jennifer said...

Peter, We are going to have 'Hydration Stations'(my neat word) that will have water and oranges. We use oranges during soccer games and it really works well at boosting the kids.
For a way to round up the day we are having a community picnic. Everyone will bring their own food and we will get to know all the home school families.
For photos, I asked all moms to take photos and bring me a cd, I have a gentleman in the community who said he will make a DVD montage of the day and he will sell it for only 3-5 dollars(he promises to add music and wording). So yes we will have many photos and a movie to remind us of the day:)

PortraitofPeter said...

Jennifer, thank you so much for the update and for the 'Hydration Stations' - truly a neat word!!

So wonderful an opportunity for parents and children to socialise together as well as to improve awareness of homeschooling.

I am so pleased you will have a dvd of the day to treasure always.