Friday, March 2, 2007

It's Fun Day Friday Again!

Today was another Fun Day Friday. It was another large group, 44 kids showed up! The day began with our prayers and praises, and today a big praise: one of our families paid off their home!!! We includes in our prayers, those injured in the tornadoes and bus crash in Florida.

Then we had crab relays. Then to really wear the kids out we played crab soccer. The kids can only play this for about 10 minutes before there wrists start hurting. It ended up being boys vs. girls and neither side scored a point.

Of course we then played the favorite:DODGEBALL! ( also played Corners and Scatterball)
The day was fun and everyone had lots of fun.

Contenders of the Faith will be next Friday at our home.
We are meeting next week at the park due to a wedding being held in the gym.
Challenge all kids to wear a hat. All wearing a hat will receive a prize.(We are in sunny New Mexico and we need to dress appropriately.
Volunteers for he Field Day need to sign up in the roster book.