Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still Fighting The Cold

January 18, 2007

We are all still fighting the battle against the bug! We had to go to the orthodontist(3 in braces- soon to be 4) on Wednesday. I felt like my head was unattached but these appointments are scheduled a month in advance and we drive 70 miles one way, so off we went. Well I took 2 boys. I left the other 2 at home, and my husband checked on them.

Now we are in a winter storm warning, the storm that caused snow in LA is now on the way to us.

I loved the snow when I was a kid, so I hope it does snow. My kids rarely see snow, and when they do it only a pinch. One day we had a dusting of snow, and my husband took a picture , because he knew it would melt before the kids woke up.

Too many sniffles, I better go and cut some oranges.

I previewed this entry and I realized that I am all over the place with my thoughts, as one can see, I am still fighting my head cold.
UPDATE...It did snow, and the picture is of one of the snowmen that Third and Fourth made!

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