Sunday, January 28, 2007

Keepers of the Faith

After our Fun day Friday homeschool activity we are starting again having our Keepers of the Faith.

Keepers of the Faith is a Christian type girl scouts. On Friday the girls were taught floral display.
This lesson was taught by one of the mom's. We rotate each week with a different mom teaching a skill. We are Christians so some lessons are in Bible, Scripture memory, and Praying, but the rest teach the girls how to be Christian women.

This is more than girl scouts because it teaches girls how to be strong in their faith in a world that is seemingly hostile towards Christians. In the photo is the handbook, my daughters floral display, and the badge we gave out. You can also order actual patches, pins, or charms, similar to girl scouts, but our group as a homeschool group are families living on one income, so I made all the badges. (and will continue to)

My daughter also works on this as a part of her school, as it has great lessons on biographies, nature, crafts and much more.

For the boys the group is called Contenders for the Faith. My husband is going to take over this for the boys. He is looking forward to this as the boys are so much different than we see portrayed on television. The homeschool boys are gentlemen. I know that that sounds pompous, but I don't know how to describe the boys in any other manner.

For information about Keepers of the Faith check here.

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